Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Not so Tiny!

Not so Tiny Fun
Tiny Goes to the Library by Cari Meister is lots of fun to read. It is easy to fall in love with Tiny, he is cute and a loyal friend. In this book we learn that Tiny is a good friend who loves to go wherever his friend goes. My Paapa learnt that you need a library card to check out books, that dogs are not allowed in libraries. However we can still get books for our pets and read with them. 
This is yet another favorite series of Paapa.
Other books we have read in this series:
Tiny learns about the various things you need in order to have a great camping experience. 
This book takes us back to when Tiny was so tiny that he used to fit in his bestie's shoe. A good way to learn differences in size. 
Tiny like all good dogs is quite excited about having a bath. First we need to figure out where he can be given his bath since he is not so 'tiny'. Another book where the child learns that big things don't fit in small spaces. 
The success of this series is the cute and colorful art and the short sentences that are easy for a toddler to repeat and eventually memorize!

Paapa's Verdict: *****

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