Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Llama Drama!

Llama llama holiday drama by Anna Dewdney was the first book that we read in this Llama llama series. Yet another fun read that Paapa loves. There is a lot of scope for mamas to act! My baby loved it whenever I would act out the scenes in the book and she would squeal with laughter and imitate me (we first read this when she was 18 months old). The book reminds you of what is really important during the 'holidays'. Obviously the love of family is very important. I do wish it would showcase that Jesus is the reason for the holiday season.
A very good series that catches the eye of the preschooler and teaches them important life experiences. If I had any extra thumbs, I would lift them up as well for Anna Dewdney's engaging artwork.
Other books in the series: 
This book is about every child's absolute nightmare, sleeping on their own. It is very hilarious to read and helps the child see the perspective of the parent.
The 'mad' book is wonderfully written to show a child's frustration at their play being interrupted and them wandering around looking at grownups' knees in grocery stores! Anna Dewdney presents it all wonderfully!
Llama llama misses mama - is about the child's first experience leaving the protection of home and mama and going to school. The child learns that mama will come back at the end of the day and till then there will be friends to make and new things to learn from teachers.
Baby llama's got the sniffles and yet like any typical baby cannot stay still or rest! Llama tries to avoid boredom and while he is still figuring out how, mama gets the sniffles and gives llama something to do and someone to care for!
After doing all sorts of things with mama, llama is now at the age to have playdates. However no playdate is fun if there is no sharing. It time for llama to learn how to share. He learns that the best way to have loads of fun is to share his toys and time with a friend!
Paapa's Verdict:*****

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