Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Girly Adventures

Girly Adventures Begin Here
Brownie and Pearl Take a Dip by Cynthia Rylant and Brian Briggs was the first book in the series that we read when Paapa was still a toddler. Even though she wasn't still talking she loved this book and wanted to read it over and over again. Even now when we go to the library she goes straight for these books. There are currently 8 books in the series and we have read all of them! All the books in this series are colorfully illustrated by Brian Briggs.
What surprised me the first time I read the book to Paapa is the fact that the girl is called Brownie and the cat is named Pearl! I think the books appeal to her because it is about a girl and various new things a toddler might do for the first time in his/her life. Needless to say the Brownie and Pearl series is a favorite of mommy as well!
Here is a list of the titles available in the series
Brownie and Pearl:
1. Take a Dip
2. See the Sights
3. Step Out
4. Hit the Hay
5. Grab a Bite
6: Go for a Spin
7. Get Dolled Up
8. Make Good

Here's a link to the illustrator's website: http://mrbiggs.com/books/brownie-and-pearl/

Paapa's Verdict: *****

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